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A workshop or training session is expensive in terms of time consumed by sales teams and managers. The opportunity cost per hour is high. This means that meetings and workshops must result in positive, substantial and lasting outcomes to make them worthwhile. The days of the ‘bosberaad’ where everyone had a good time, emerged motivated, but nothing changed are past. Value for money is now the key requirement. Ed has the know-how to make such events meaningful.

The year of truth

For audiences: corporate management, sales teams, all managers with a revenue target, entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs.

This workshop was developed to address reduced income from sales in the current challenging business environment. Participants rate their ability to generate sales income in multiple areas, including selling skills, customer retention, time and territory management, competitive positioning, price defence and other aspects of the customer development and retention process.  The concept is to identify strengths and weaknesses so that the team can capitalise on their strengths while training and upskilling is applied where it is needed as opposed to the conventional approach of trying to improve everything for everyone. This leads to much more targeted, cost effective and results orientated interventions to improve income generation.

Take out: A self assessment for the individual, team and company of which strengths to capitalise on and where to apply new learning, information and upskilling.

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Solutions to key sales problems

For audience:Sales teams, service provider teams that have an income target, entrepreneurs and professionals who are responsible for their own sales, social entrepreneurs.

Those responsible for sales routinely report an inability to close sales or achieve targets from a common set of problems. This workshop is designed to address such sales issues including:

  • There is always someone with a lower price. In this economy buyers look for savings
  • They say they are going ahead but then it goes quiet. Getting customers to commit
  • Getting enough qualifies leads. Sales teams must be part of the solution
  • I send lots of quotes but get few sales. Tenders, but also a problem across the board
  • I cannot get to the decision makers. I have to sell to someone who can’t make the decision

Each topic is discussed in a facilitated meeting to develop cross learning and creative solution development. Ed is both a skilled facilitator and a highly experienced sales manager and trainer, so participants leave with tools and techniques to address these issues.

NB this workshop can be customised to include specific sales issues affecting your company.

Duration: Three hours, limited to a maximum of 20 participants, no minimum number of attendees

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MI 10 Marketing strategy in 2017

Clip taken from “Marketing Today”

SS 11 – SS three sources of growth

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More sales and profit

For audience: Sales teams, service provider teams that have an income target, social entrepreneurs.


This workshop is focused on developing the opportunity to increase sales and profit by relatively simple and low cost ideas that can be implemented immediately. Attendees are led to the realisation that they can work smarter and increase performance without radical changes or extreme effort. Ed uses his experience in coaching salespeople for decades to address the issues that sales teams may miss. For example, the customer base is often ignored as a prime target market for additional business, yet it is a rich and accessible opportunity to upsell and cross sell. The workshop is highly participative so attendees feel like part of the solution development and take ownership of the outcomes. Ed takes an unconventional approach to showing how salespeople how they can make quick wins. For example, few businesses will have contacted all other businesses in their complex or area, many of which could be buying from competitors. The workshop invites participants to self-analyse their strengths and weaknesses so they can capitalise on strengths and plan development to overcome weaknesses. Each group or participant walks away with an individual action plan and tools to implement these.

Duration: Four hours

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Sales training

Quotation by Ed Hatton published by The Legacy Project

For audience: Sales teams, service provider teams that have an income target, entrepreneurs and professionals who are responsible for their own sales, social entrepreneurs.

There are many courses, books, blogs and webinars on sales training, so why yet another offering? There are three keys to Ed’s training: relevance to the South African business climate, understanding of the local salespeople’s skills and issues and experience. Ed provides insights that go beyond normal sales training and empower sales teams and entrepreneurs to make more sales by smarter practices and better understanding of buyer behaviour in the information-rich world of today. “I really thought I knew it all, I am a top salesperson, but you have shown me how many things I need to improve on to grow. Thank you, this has changed my thinking” delegate, Sales Summit Cape Town 2017

This training course is highly customisable and will be tailored to the individual needs and skills levels of the participants. We make extensive use of role playing and learning by doing. A follow up session in three months is desirable and individual mentoring for participants can be arranged.

Duration: One to three days.

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