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Ed Hatton is an entertaining and thought provoking speaker, workshop leader, facilitator and writer. He uses his experience of almost 30 years mentoring organisations of all sizes to engage audiences and encourage them see issues in a different and more positive light. His fields of expertise are in business, marketing and sales strategy and his impactful speaking is highly respected.

Ed makes a great contribution to any convention, workshop or meeting.

Keynote Speeches and Workshops

The future is not where you think it will be

Title slide for the keynote address to the World marketing Congress in Mumbai

For audiences: corporate management, marketing teams, department and divisional managers, sales teams and, entrepreneurs.

This speech was designed as the keynote address to the World Marketing Congress held in November 2018, to introduce the Congress theme: Futuristic Marketing. In this speech Ed encourages strategic thinking by showing the numerous challenges marketeers and managers face. He shows by example how information overload can blind us to crucial situations, how lies and distortions must be filtered from the truth and how technological and sociological change affect marketing plans. Ed is by nature a positive person so having pointed out the risks, Ed suggests solutions to the dilemma of crafting business and marketing strategies in a disruptive world. He shows by example how companies can be adaptable, customer centric and communicative to deal with future unpredictability.

Take out: The realization that change is not just an abstract concept it can and will affect
business leaders. Some tools to manage this difficult challenge.

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The year of truth – workshop

For audiences: corporate management, sales teams, all managers with a revenue target, entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs.

This workshop was developed to address reduced income from sales in the current challenging business environment. Participants rate their ability to generate sales income in multiple areas, including selling skills, customer retention, time and territory management, competitive positioning, price defence and other aspects of the customer development and retention process.  The concept is to identify strengths and weaknesses so that the team can capitalise on their strengths while training and upskilling is applied where it is needed as opposed to the conventional approach of trying to improve everything for everyone. This leads to much more targeted, cost effective and results orientated interventions to improve income generation.

Take out: A self assessment for the individual, team and company of which strengths to capitalise on and where to apply new learning, information and upskilling.

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Opening, this auspicious day

A clip from Ed’s speech that opened at The World Marketing Congress in Mumbai,India 2018

Quotation by Ed Hatton published by The Legacy Project

Ed is proud to be profiled on The Legacy Project

Candice van Vooren
I’ve had the opportunity to listen to Ed deliver a few speaking engagements and have found him
knowledgeable on his subject matter. He is well composed in bringing his message across, so much so
that you are present throughout his entire delivery

Candice van Vooren, CEO Crystal Garnet
leanne Dickenson

I have been to a number of Ed’s presentation and they are always well prepared, succinct, punchy and
to the point. And of course, always with a bit of appropriate humour! He has an immense knowledge on
the subject of business in general as well as sales and marketing, and as a speaker and presenter I would
highly recommend him.

Leanne Dickinson, Lumela Afrika
Chris de Klerk

Ed Hatton is a professional and convincing speaker with a true professional work ethic. What strikes me
about him is his eager approach and enthusiasm in his presentations. Ed offers decades of experience
and is a guru in sales, marketing, leadership and entrepreneurship. He delivers practical and task driven
messages, is always well prepared and transfer valuable tips and advice that can immediately be used in
your strategies and work place. A solid choice for your next event

Chris de Klerk, CEO CADEK Media
Rudolph Claasen

Once you’ve been in a corporate environment for a couple of years you tend to get used to speakers
bringing the same message again and again. However, after having used Ed for various client

engagement sessions, you realize what money can’t buy – a lifetime of experience. He brings a fresh
perspective to marketing and sales underpinned by an absolute wealth of experience and made a lasting
impression on everyone listening to him. When you need to add value to your own or your clients’ lives,
look no further.

Rudolph Claassen, Fininvest Bluestar
Nonhle Ngobese

I walked away with a new sense of accomplishment and hope for the future. It was quite satisfying to
meet in person someone who has helped another person I know and is turning them into a success story

Nonhle Ngobese, Ngobese & Associates Financial Services
Femi Adebanji

Mr. Hatton!!! You are an inspiration. It was a privilege sharing the stage with you and seeing you in
action. Looking forward to the next time.

Femi Adebanji, Professional speaker, Customer service guru
Gary Corin

We, as Specialised Exhibitions Montgomery, would like to acknowledge your very effective work as a
speaker, and would be proud to recommend you as well. There can be no doubt about your ability or
commitment to your performance as a speaker.

Gary Corin, MD, Specialised Exhibitions Montgomery
Chris van Biljon

I was extremely impressed by his ability hold his audience and get to the heart of the problem, like his
definition of a customer as “One who takes money from their bank account and puts it into your bank
account”. This phrase alone has changed many people’s ideas of customer relationships.
I endorse him as an effective and thought provoking event speaker, and recommend him for your

Chris van Biljon, CEO Ekurhuleni Captains of Industry Forum
Prashant Sharma

Speaking from the podium at the World marketing Congress 2018 Mumbai.

Ed Hatton lit up the stage with his keynote address and set the tone for this Congress

Prashant Sharma, APAC Marketing Director and India National Sales Director Resulticks
Corrie van der Wath

We invited Ed to facilitate a strategy session for our management team that would get them thinking of
new opportunities and examining whether we were being complacent in some areas. The Ten Lessons
strategy session did exactly that and more. Ed is a great facilitator, a mentor and as strategist with
immense experience. I recommend him unreservedly.

Corrie van der Wath, CEO Matleng Energy Solutions
Jason Lubovera

I enjoyed your talk – the experience is so unique. I came to get exposed and learn and the summit gave
me valuable insights. Keen to learn and grow from you.

Jason Lubovera, New Business Developer & Marketing Manager Outsourced CFO
Steve Schwartz

It is without hesitation that I recommend Mr Ed Hatton as a speaker. His presentations are typically
aimed straight at the heart of issues. Combining this with his motivational ability allows an audience a
positive approach, not only to address those issues but to embrace sustained improvements.

Steve Schwartz, Director Vandasol group