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Speech to the World Marketing Congress November 2018

Ed Hatton was invited to present the keynote address to the World Marketing Congress in Mumbai, India at the end of November. This annual Congress took place over two days and attracted over 400 delegates, mainly CEOs CMOs and entrepreneurs from more than thirty countries, many of which are in the Asia Pacific region. The theme of the event was Futuristic Marketing and speakers addressed the challenges of marketing in a fast-changing world where the future is unpredictable. Hatton’s speech is titled ‘The Future is not where you think it will be’ focuses on the need to adapt marketing strategies to manage the complexities and uncertainties of marketing to a moving target.

About the speaker

Ed Hatton is a regular speaker on marketing and sales strategy. He has spoken at Markex, The Marketing Indaba, Brands and Reputation conference, Interbuild and many other prestigious events. He uses his almost 30 years’ experience of mentoring organizations of all sizes and types to present thought provoking and entertaining speeches to executives, sales and marketing teams and entrepreneurial businesses.

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