More Keynote Speeches – Ed Hatton 2017

A lively and thought provoking selection of speeches for your next convention, event or staff gathering, focused on ways to improve your business, motivate your people and stave off competitors:

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Brand and reputation management

For audience: Executive, division and branch management, marketing and brand managers, marketing
and sales teams, entrepreneurs, all mangers and staff who interact with the public,

Brand and reputation are important assets to any organization. A strong brand and a good reputation bring benefits like attracting talent, lifetime customers, access to funding and strong growth. Brands are easily damaged so reputation management is crucial. Brands can be damaged by an action by a single employee, by carelessness and by not responding to consumer issues. In this speech Ed shows that brands are built and damaged in the minds of the market.
To a very large degree your brand is dependent on your actions which can boost your reputation or cost you millions in reputational damage. Ed uses examples to show how threats to brand have been contained by customer centric responses, and how they have been massively damaged by denial or inaction. He provides suggestions for proactive reviews of structures, policies communications and processes to build an organization that is capable of address problems and seizing opportunities timeously.

Takeout: Realization of the risks of brand and reputation management and the potentially disastrous
consequences of reputation loss. Strategies to protect your brand and ideas to communicate effectively.

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Strategies for tough times

For audience: Sales and marketing management, sales teams, sales support, SMEs

In a poor business climate there is a tendency to continue as before in the hope the bad times will end soon. This presentation gives options to take a more proactive approach to tough times, focusing on strategic competitive positioning, great customer service and the need to be innovative in marketing and sales strategies.
In this speech, Ed highlights three risks: complacency by ignoring current or threatening change; being stuck in a comfort zone that no longer satisfies market needs and expecting that customer loyalty is unquestionable. Using intriguing examples, he shows how an apparently dead market can become a goldmine, and how and where to look for rich fishing grounds to aid growth. Ed stresses the need to retain and develop customers as a rich source of growth. He concludes in a powerful way to urge immediate action.

Takeout: There is always available business for smart and energetic organizations with everyone
working together

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MI 10 Marketing strategy in 2017

Clip taken from “Marketing Today”

SS 11 – What is a customer?

Clip taken from “Marketing Today”

Jan Leonard From Wesco Bluestar, A Sanlam broker presents speaker Ed Hatton with a thank you gift

Marketing Today – More Questions Than Answers

For audience: Marketing teams, mid-range companies, autonomous divisions of large enterprises

The venerable 4Ps of marketing are half a century old and still form the basis of much marketing teaching and planning. But the world has changed – many products are never advertised, price comparison websites limit the ability to price autonomously, e-Commerce has seen a change in the places people and organizations buy, and even products are not what they seem any more – e.g. Air BnB is the biggest provider of travel accommodation but owns no rooms.

Many believe traditional promotions are dead, but is the internet the only answer? This speech unravels the intricacies of marketing today, challenges some knee-jerk thinking and gives ideas on moving forward.

Takeout: Understanding the complexities, ideas to build modern marketing plans which work.

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Quotation Charles Darwin from a speech by Ed Hatton

Competing in the real world – effect of innovation

For audience: Organisations of all sizes

This is a pragmatic presentation about how and why organisations can develop a competitive strategy to reduce risks and build market share. It uses Porter’s Five Forces to show how to plan for unexpected competitors, gives illustrations of organisations which were unprepared for innovative competitive attack.

The speech challenges management to be able to answer fundamental questions about their companies’ products and services, their customer retention and their knowledge of competitors. It sets out an agenda of how to move forward to improve.

Takeout: New ways of looking at competitive strategy and the need to reduce risk.

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