Keynote Speeches – Ed Hatton

A lively and thought provoking selection of speeches for your next convention, event or staff gathering, focused on ways to improve your business, motivate your people and stave off competitors:

The future is not where you think it will be

Title slide for the keynote address to the World marketing Congress in Mumbai

For audiences: corporate management, marketing teams, department and divisional managers, sales teams and, entrepreneurs.

This speech was designed as the keynote address to the World Marketing Congress held in November 2018, to introduce the Congress theme: Futuristic Marketing. In this speech Ed encourages strategic thinking by showing the numerous challenges marketeers and managers face. He shows by example how information overload can blind us to crucial situations, how lies and distortions must be filtered from the truth and how technological and sociological change affect marketing plans. Ed is by nature a positive person so having pointed out the risks, Ed suggests solutions to the dilemma of crafting business and marketing strategies in a disruptive world. He shows by example how companies can be adaptable, customer centric and communicative to deal with future unpredictability.

Take out: The realization that change is not just an abstract concept it can and will affect
business leaders. Some tools to manage this difficult challenge.

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Selling in the age of knowledge

For audience: Sales management, sales teams, branch management, service management, any
manager or staff member responsible for generating income.

In a poor business climate there is a tendency to continue as before in the hope the bad times will end soon. This presentation gives options to take a more proactive approach to tough times, focusing on strategic competitive positioning, great customer service and the need to be innovative in marketing and sales strategies.
In this speech, Ed highlights three risks: complacency by ignoring current or threatening change; being stuck in a comfort zone that no longer satisfies market needs and expecting that customer loyalty is unquestionable. Using intriguing examples, he shows how an apparently dead market can become a goldmine, and how and where to look for rich fishing grounds to aid growth. Ed stresses the need to retain and develop customers as a rich source of growth. He concludes in a powerful way to urge immediate action.

Take out: an understanding of modern buyer behaviour, the risks of using outdated selling methods,
hardcore advice on how to develop new skills and practices to become invaluable to customers and

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MI 10 Marketing strategy in 2017

Clip taken from “Marketing Today”

SS 11 –  what is a customer?

Clip taken from “Marketing Today”

Brand and reputation management

Brand with laptop

For audience: Executive, division and branch management, marketing and brand managers, marketing
and sales teams, entrepreneurs, all mangers and staff who interact with the public

Brand and reputation are important assets to any organization. A strong brand and a good reputation bring benefits like attracting talent, lifetime customers, access to funding and strong growth. Brands are easily damaged so reputation management is crucial. Brands can be damaged by an action by a single employee, by carelessness and by not responding to consumer issues. In this speech Ed shows that brands are built and damaged in the minds of the market.
To a very large degree your brand is dependent on your actions which can boost your reputation or cost you millions in reputational damage. Ed uses examples to show how threats to brand have been contained by customer centric responses, and how they have been massively damaged by denial or inaction. He provides suggestions for proactive reviews of structures, policies communications and processes to build an organization that is capable of address problems and seizing opportunities timeously.

Takeout: Realization of the risks of brand and reputation management and the potentially disastrous
consequences of reputation loss. Strategies to protect your brand and ideas to communicate effectively.

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Marketing will never be the same

For audience: Executive management, marketing teams, managers with revenue targets, SMEs, entrepreneurs and NGOs.

Consumers are overburdened with brand messages and product offerings, and with digital marketing the volume has increased. It is almost impossible to stand out in this overcommunicated society where the competitors are no longer the locals but international giants and disruptors who change the rules. Consumer behaviour is also changing. It is said that millennials would rather believe endorsements from unknowns than their parents, professors or advisors. Products are unimportant to many, only outcomes are valued. How do marketers cope in this difficult and fast changing world? In this speech Ed explores ways to rethink marketing strategies, to cultivate innovation and to structure for flexibility. We consider customer service as a marketing tool and tight focus for marketing messages, which lean towards actions and symbols rather than features.

Takeout: The realisation that marketing strategies and tactics must be designed for this age, and that staying in established comfort zones is risky. Ideas and practical actions to start this process.

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