The Marketing Director

Through his business, The Marketing Director Ed and his associates have provided mentoring, consulting, training, meeting and workshop facilitation and writing services to all levels of organisation since 1990. In that time it has mentored and advised over 150 organisations, many going on to become leaders in their sectors. Among clients of The Marketing Director are many award winning entrepreneurs, and the group boasts a very high level of survival and growth. Services provided include:

Mentoring and consulting

The difference between mentors and other forms of business advisors was defined by Christo Botes, former operations director of Business Partners as: experience, attitude and approach. “Mentors practice the science and the art of business, not only the science” he says. Ed is one of the most experienced mentors in South Africa, a fanatical believer in and supporter of entrepreneurship and has an approach that has been developed and field tested over many years. He acts as a sounding board, advisor, growth consultant and ‘how to’ coach. He challenges clients to improve and grow and supports them in tough times. Ed says he has been gifted with a laboratory of client issues, problems, successes and joys over many years, and he is able to apply the learning to every level of mentee.

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Meeting facilitation

Ed is a skilled and experienced facilitator of meetings and workshops. He is able to draw the fine line between freedom to think creatively and getting off the subject. He is able to draw out the quiet ones and those silently oppose the ideas being discussed. He is good at managing the vociferous ones and those who try to shout down opponents of their thinking. At the same time his wide knowledge of business, marketing and sales, his experience of businesses of all sizes and his strategic sense adds value to any meeting or workshop. The results are group buy-in, shared ideas and values and new strategic insights. “ Ed is a really great facilitator” Isabella Holding, Director, LifeLine Johannesburg

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Ed has written articles and opinion pieces for many business publications. He wrote the My Mentor column for the South African edition of Entrepreneur magazine for almost ten years and has written for Strategic Marketing, the SME Toolkit, Sanlam Business Tips for Businesspeople, the former Destiny Man and many other publications. He creates lucid business documents like strategic plans and process that improve understanding and facilitate actions.  He writes the blog Marketing Strategy and is co-author of a textbook on entrepreneurship. Ed can produce fluent blog posts, articles, scripts, emails and the text for websites, emails and newsletters.

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