The Marketing Director

Through his business, The Marketing Director Ed and his associates have provided facilitation, mentoring, training, strategy planning and workshop leadership services to all levels of organisation since 1990. In that time it has mentored and advised over 150 organisations, many going on to become leaders in their sectors. Among clients of The marketing Director are many award winning entrepreneurs, and the group boasts a very high level of survival and growth.

Services provided include:

Ed Hatton Mentor and facilitator


Ed is a skilled facilitator of meetings and workshops. He uses proven tools to assist on creative thinking,
development of consensus and drawing thoughts from silent participants. Examples of facilitation
sessions are shown below.
“Ed is a very good facilitator” – Isabella Holding, Director of LifeLine Johannesburg
Snapshot marketing strategy review.
This review is a facilitated strategy review for executive management team. The objective of the review
is to examine the organisation’s marketing strategy, highlighting and prioritising areas where actions are
required and pointing out blind spots. More information is available here (link to general enquiry form)
Sales performance development
A facilitated structured meeting with sales teams or sales managers to review their sales strategies,
expand processes that are working well, analyse those that are not succeeding and identify areas of
structure and sales support that must be improved.

Mentoring and coaching

  • Business improvement. For companies that are not achieving their potential and want to make a step up. A field-tested three stage intervention is used, embracing diagnosis, growth planning and plan implementation.
  • Top of the S curve. Companies often grow strongly and then see growth taper off; reaching a plateau and finding difficulty in breaking out of stagnation. This intervention assists managers to develop and implement new growth plans, with updated processes and responsibilities.
  • General business mentoring. Providing access to a highly experienced and knowledgeable resource to assist in addressing problems, being a sounding board and using my network.


  • These will typically be half or one day interactive workshops to develop best practices in areas like target market development, customer satisfaction, business development, managing change, marketing and sales teamwork, competitive response and similar topics.

Sales Training

  • Training uses a basic outline customised to the clients business. Typically, a training course will be for two days with specific follow up coaching and workshops to ensure new learning is implemented and measured.

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